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A Brief Overview and Explanation


The International Prophetic Mentoring Council



All over the world there are those who long to have more training and instruction

in how to move in prophetic ministry honorably and with integrity.


     The IPMC has a deep desire to be “Fathers and Mothers” in the faith, by mentoring on an individual basis,

in training sessions, and with it’s practical training manual, those who have a desire to develop the prophetic call

on their lives and, then to become a mentor to others longing for training.



Our Passion is to assist prophetic individuals in finding their place in the Body of Christ and train them how to flow in a mature and accountable level of prophetic ministry. Many pastors and prophetic teachers have referred prophetic church and team members to the IPMC for help and encouragement.

The IPMC vision is to help prophetic individuals find their true value and place of purpose in the service of the Lord

without giving into fear of man, emotional wanderings, or manipulation and deception.



          Mary Lindow established the IPMC in 1994. Over the years Mary and her husband Steve, along with

prophetic team members, have developed the IPMC study manual.  It is designed as a tool for training up future generations of prophetic ministries with wisdom, humility, and honor for other five fold functions. The training materials lean strongly towards the idea that the prophetic ministry and calling are to be based on the principles of a godly and pure character.

Purity of heart and a love for the Word of God are two of the most important prophetic ministry mandates.


The Training Manual


        The manual is broken down into twelve sections that range in subjects dealing with character development, warning signs, spiritual gifts, and self-assessments.  Interspersed throughout the manual are self-assessment checkpoints that will help you to specifically focus in on your particular area of giftedness within the prophetic.


At the end of every section are required homework pages.  

We have found that the homework has helped challenge those interested in pursuing a lifestyle in the prophetic.  

Through accountability, students are lovingly challenged to a place of honesty before themselves and before

the Lord regarding their gift and character development.

        The manuals are available for $50.00 US each plus $5.00 for shipping.

There is a group or college discount offer of 10% for orders of 10 or more training manuals.

If you are interested in the mentoring program or the purchase of manuals for your own study, please feel free to contact us.


There Are Several Ways To Begin


        We offer a one-on-one mentoring program, where students are assigned a particular mentor for support,

encouragement and homework completion accountability. The mentor reviews the homework assignments and

will help guide you through the pathway of discovery that the Lord leads you down.  

It is a limited mentoring program, and will only last through the end of the manual.  


The mentors will not be giving prophetic words from the Lord, unless they receive something specific.  

The timeline of commitment for the mentoring program is generally 3-6 months.

Mentors work with their assigned individuals through email, SKYPE, Instant Messaging, or telephone dialog.


Sometimes there is a waiting list for individual mentors,

but all applicants are seriously considered and are prayed over.


        We also offer the materials making them available for any group or individuals 

that wish to go through the program on their own.  


We strongly suggest that the studies be done in groups of at least two or more,

to encourage a certain level of accountability, and above all, good stewardship

of the gifting and callings to which each member in the Body of Christ has been blessed with.



Contact Information






The International Prophetic Mentoring Council

PO Box 1253

Eastlake, CO 80614




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 A Few Subject Titles from

The IPMC Course:


Section   A

"Evidence of a

Religious Spirit"


Section   A-1

God is looking for Pure Prophetic Vessels


Section   A-2

The Battle for the Mind


Section   A-3

The “Wilderness” Factor


Section   A-4

Picture of a Prophet


Section   B

It’s all about Character

“The Desire to be rewarded for Every Service"

Section   B-1

The Control Connection


Section   B-2

Recognition In God’s

Hall of Fame

 “No Flame – No Gain”




Advisors for the IPMC

Rev. Stephen Lindow

Rev. Mary Lindow

Dr. Sandy Miskie

Pamela Sharp RN Missionary

Rev. Rosie Salas

Rev. Brenda Hagstrom


“Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser,

Mentor a righteous man, and he will increase his learning.”

Proverbs 9:9

Character IPMC#2 IPMC#3 IMPC #.1

We currently have a

19 month

waiting list for

individual mentors.

Personal study training manuals are still available for purchase.


$50.00 each plus $5.00 shipping

or File Transfer Via Computer


10% Discount for group purchase of five or more manuals.