His Beloved Ministries




The Holy Spirit is at liberty to move among us as we gather together.  

Whether it is in a distant land, conference, the marketplace,

a coffee shop setting, or in a family room.


We strive to “be the church" as we operate and serve daily

in our streams of life and ministry.


We embrace all believers who love the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior...

...And love into the Kingdom, those who have not yet met Him.


We delight in ministering in traditional settings, training centers,  

Conferences, House Churches, Counseling environments and

in one on one relationship building gatherings!


We are Biblically based trained and certified pastoral counselors

who work with the weary, the broken, those in grief and those who are

looking for freedom that only knowing who they are in Christ can bring.









Steve and Mary pioneered His Beloved Family Church (Non-denominational) in Colorado in 1984 and pastored there until 2002. They are both ordained ministers who are a fully recognized and approved 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Incorporation since 1986 and have ministered throughout the United States, Africa, England, France, Australia, Germany, Canada

and the Netherlands, in conferences as well as at retreats and have spoken in various denominational and non-denominational churches, house churches,

training events for ministers and worship gatherings.


Mary’s podcasts have been broadcasted on the IFBN

radio network throughout Europe and the Middle East and

are also hosted on other ministry websites.


“Global Prayer Rooms”

This is  a simple, united, global fellowship of those who love to pray

for others with passion and a practiced faithfulness to God’s Word

that is stewarded by Steve and Mary Lindow.


A Global "Kingdom Focused" Ministry

Laborers in the Harvest

His Beloved Ministries

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His Beloved Ministries Inc.

PO Box 1253

Eastlake, CO 80614


Reverend Steve Lindow  BA


Reverend Mary Lindow  



ALL gifts are tax deductible under His Beloved Ministries 5013c non-profit status.

We are financially accountable and have been in full compliance

since 1985 with Clergy Advantage Financial Planners Inc.

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Pictures from the nations and countries

where we have had the joy of serving and ministering.

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What then shall we say, brothers?

When you come together, Everyone has a hymn, or a word of instruction,

A revelation, a tongue or an interpretation.

All of these must be done for the strengthening of the church.


-1 Corinthians 14:26