We can take credit and debit cards

or Pay Pal offerings, but prefer not to

in order that those sending offerings

do not incur additional interest on their

credit payments and also to encourage

good stewardship of credit.


If you have no problem using your

cards responsibly, feel free to use

 our account with 





His Beloved Ministries Inc.



Giving and Offerings


“You must each make up your own mind

as to how much you should give.

Don't give reluctantly or in response to pressure.

For God loves the person who gives cheerfully.”


~ 2 Corinthians 9:7


If you have been impressed by the Holy Spirit

to assist and bless the needs that Mary and Steve have when asked to travel and minister in different nations and to different people groups, as well as helping them to meet other administrative needs,


if you have a desire to bless their service

with Spirit-led Love gifts or regular support:


Please send your gift in the form of:


Personal Checks

Business Checks

Money Orders

Cashiers Checks




His Beloved Ministries Inc.

PO Box 1253

Denver  Colorado 80614



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His Beloved Ministries Inc.


ALL gifts are tax deductible under

His Beloved Ministries 5013c non-profit status.


We are financially accountable and have been in full

compliance since 1985 with Clergy Financial Advantage.


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“But they need not account for the money entrusted to them,

Because they are acting faithfully."

2 Kings 22:7

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